“Into the Woods” – handmade journal


A commissioned piece themed as ‘theatre, music, and woodland animals’, and exhibited in the inaugural “Books As Art” show at the Regent Theatre, Dunedin 2018.

Some of the materials were sourced in Dunedin, or nearby – encyclopaedia excerpts that were castoffs from the annual 48H Book Sale, a floral button on the back cover from a ‘buy nothing’ exchange group here on the Otago Peninsula – and most from Auckland, where the recipient of this journal lives. Much is from tattered old children’s books, as the recipient works in a children’s bookshop.

It is a mix of vintage ephemera, upcycled book pages, old packaging, a bartered button, paper clips, journaling cards, and sheet music, with 70+ pages.

There is space for journalling or scrapbooking, in addition to pockets and “tuck spots”.

The cover is a recycled hardcover book, measuring approx. 20x14cm (~5.5″×8″), covered in fabric from an old cushion cover. It is secured with ribbon and has a fabric lining; the binding is hand-sewn with strong, vintage twine.

Please note that computer monitors can display colours differently so the colour you see on screen could be slightly different to the actual art work. Commissioned pieces are available – please don’t hesitate to contact Zee to discuss your project.


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