Florals & Birds Binder Collage

Continuing on with my ‘making art for fun’ theme, I spent an evening cutting flowers and birds to decorate my ukulele music folder. Much fun, and pretty pleased with the results.

I noticed recently how much I am photographing flowers, and had a little laugh (/rolling eyes) at what my teenage self might’ve thought! Flowers were, in my mind, too ordinary, too feminine, too pretty, too unoriginal. I mean, how much have flowers featured in art before?

But I now see not just a beauty, but a fascination. Each has a unique form, and such a diverse range of colours – sometimes even on the same plant or flower. They come from a tiny seed, become fruit, are specifically designed to make sure they can reproduce. They may turn to follow the sun, or close up when its dark.

And goodness knows I can bring my own creative eye to a photo, collage, or painting. My binder collage isn’t the most original thing in the world, but it has uniqueness in the flowers and composition I’ve chosen, and personality with the addition of native New Zealand manu (birds). Most of all, it brings a little more joy into my life, and I’ll always take more of that.

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