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About the Artist: Zee Southcombe is a mixed media book artist and author/illustrator living in the beautiful Otago, New Zealand. She lives with her partner and her cat, finding inspiration in her natural surroundings, her sense of curiosity, and in the pages of vintage books.

About Life In Analogue: Harking back to pre-digital days, Life In Analogue is all about not-so-lost arts such as book binding, letter writing, and paper art. Antique, vintage, and upcycled found materials are often incorporated, bringing a new voice and uniqueness to each piece. The handmade quality is a part of the process and the product.
Going Green: I have always cared deeply about our natural world, but in recent years made a more concerted effort. Here are some of the things I am doing, or have done, towards a more sustainable business:

  • Upcycling ‘waste’ materials into my work, such as books about to be pulped, clothes beyond repair, used gift wrapping, soft plastics, and packaging.
  • Using recycled paper when printing cards, books, and art prints.
  • Re-using packaging such as bubble wrap.
  • Composting paper scraps in our home compost.
  • Replacing conventional materials (e.g. acrylic paint) with those made from natural ingredients.
  • Volunteering / donating towards Forest & Bird.


Hamilton Zinefest: Guest speaker, May 2018
Lexicon, 38th Annual SFF Convention: GeekCraft panelist, June 2017

Lexicon, 38th Annual SFF Convention: Out of the Background panelist, June 2017
Booksellers NZ Conference: Self-publishing panelist, 2016


Books As Art Exhibition: Highly Commended “Into The Woods” June 2018
Lexicon, 38th Annual SSF Convention, Art Competition: Second place, June 2016
Sir Julius Vogel Awards: Finalist “The Caretaker of Imagination” June 2016
Sir Julius Vogel Awards: Finalist “Lucy’s Story: The End of the World” June 2016


Pantograph Punch: Far From Vanity, July 2018
Otago Daily Times: Books Take On Fantastic Forms, June 2018

Wellington Access Radio: Happiness interview , June 2017
Couragemakers Podcast: Featured Guest, June 2017
Felt Feature: Meet the Maker, Feb 2017
The Itchy Kraken: Featured Author, Nov 2016
What’s Good: Zinefest Feature, July 2016
Eastlife Magazine: Feature Interview, June 2016
More FM: Radio Review (Bookiemonster), May 2015
Eastlife Magazine: Feature Interview, April 2015

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