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About the Artist:

Zee Southcombe is an author/illustrator, book artist, and maker of zines who works from her home studio in East Otago – where river, sea, and farmland meet. She’s published a children’s fantasy series, anthologies & creative non-fiction, colouring books, and a variety of zines.

Zee’s work now focuses on mixed media projects including handmade journals and sculptural illustration, blurring the line between art and craft; author and artist, and is deeply inspired by the beautiful world around her. When not playing in her studio, Zee can be found outside in the garden, or enjoying a quiet cup of tea.

About Life In Analogue: Harking back to pre-digital days, Life In Analogue is all about not-so-lost arts such as book binding, letter writing, paper art, and old ways of living. Vintage, natural, and upcycled materials are often incorporated, bringing a new voice and uniqueness to each piece. The handmade quality is a part of both the process and the product, and reconnecting with nature is a core value.

Going Green: I have always cared deeply about our natural world, but in recent years made a more concerted effort. Here are some of the things I am doing towards a more environmentally sustainable business:
  • Upcycling ‘waste’ materials into my work, such as books about to be pulped, clothes beyond repair, used gift wrapping, soft plastics, and packaging.
  • Using recycled paper when printing cards, books, and zines.
  • Re-using non-recyclable packaging, such as bubble wrap and soft plastic.
  • Composting paper scraps in our home compost.
  • Replacing conventional materials (e.g. acrylic paint) with those made from natural ingredients when possible.
  • Donating towards Forest & Bird.


Hamilton Zinefest: Guest speaker, May 2018
Lexicon, 38th Annual SFF Convention: GeekCraft panelist, June 2017
Lexicon, 38th Annual SFF Convention: Out of the Background panelist, June 2017
Booksellers NZ Conference: Self-publishing panelist, 2016


Books As Art Exhibition: Highly Commended “Into The Woods” June 2018
Lexicon, 38th Annual SSF Convention, Art Competition: Second place, June 2016
Sir Julius Vogel Awards: Finalist “The Caretaker of Imagination” June 2016
Sir Julius Vogel Awards: Finalist “Lucy’s Story: The End of the World” June 2016


Pantograph Punch: Far From Vanity, July 2018
Otago Daily Times: Books Take On Fantastic Forms, June 2018

Wellington Access Radio: Happiness interview , June 2017
Couragemakers Podcast: Featured Guest, June 2017
Felt Feature: Meet the Maker, Feb 2017

The Itchy Kraken: Featured Author, Nov 2016
What’s Good: Zinefest Feature, July 2016
Eastlife Magazine: Feature Interview, June 2016

More FM: Radio Review (Bookiemonster), May 2015
Eastlife Magazine: Feature Interview, April 2015

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