Bernice on 02 Sep, 2018

Zee created this beautiful woodland/theatre themed journal for me on commission, as I’m an opera singer/ theatre goer who loves spending time in nature. It is such a wonderfully eclectic and carefully curated piece, that I have no idea where to begin to review it. It’s the easiest five stars ever.
I love to collect things that are one of a kind on this earth and I can guarantee that if you order one of Zee’s journals you’ll receive something so thoughtfully unique that if you’re me, you’ll be practically in tears looking at it.
The hand sewing on the binding, the recycled materials, the clever juxtaposition of items, every tiny detail; it’s more than just a journal, it’s a piece of art just for you. Absolutely worth it. I’ll treasure it forever!


Jennifer Frontera on 28 Aug, 2018

I don’t even know where to begin… this journal is AMAZING. Just INCREDIBLE!!! It’s everything I’d hoped it would be and more!! I had asked for a custom journal based around adventure and travel, but later specified I’d planned to use it as a travel journal for our recent trip to London.
Zee did not disappoint! She slipped in so many amazing pieces related to London and the United Kingdom and Europe in general, it was just … well, I was speechless going through it. Every page was an adventure in and of itself, before I even added anything to it!
It was so beautiful and so perfect I actually got a bit misty eyed looking through it! Just brilliant. Can’t say enough good things about it! You have to see one for yourself to believe it… so order yours now! 😀


Skyebaby3 on 19 Apr, 2018

This journal feels like an incredible travel journal compiled after a long, adventurous trip. So many details and I ended up adding a unit on New Zealand to my biology class so I could share this journal and fascinating wildlife with my students. If you see a journal you like from this artist, do not pass it up, they are wonderful.


Skyebaby3 on 06 Apr, 2018

I am so thrilled with this Humani Corporis journal, from the stunning fabric cover, to the thoughtful note, through each varied and interesting page. There is so much care and detail throughout, and the human body ephemera is amazing. A unique piece to treasure, thank-you very much!